For PWDs: Person with Diabetes

Living with diabetes requires the person who has it and the entire family to feel and be competent and engaged in the management process.  A Mile In MY Shoes is dedicated to helping you, your partner and your family thrive as you meet the challenges of living with diabetes on a daily basis.  We focus on providing services that are geared to help you and your family fully understand what’s involved in taking excellent care of your selves/your child – and how to do it!  From focusing on aspects of effective self-management, understanding the pathophysiology of diabetes to dealing realistically and deeply with the emotional, family and psychological aspects – A Mile In MY Shoes has something for you!  Check out the On-Line and In-Person services, including regularly scheduled love webinars and exclusive video content.  It’s easy to sign up for whatever service works for you!

Topics for webinars, educational videos and 1-on-1 sessions include:

  • Diabetes & The Family: Making It Work For Everyone
  • For the Newly Diagnosed: The First Days / Initial Diagnosis: Now What
  • Family Dynamics & Communication: It’s Not Just a Numbers Game
  • Successful Parenting of the Child with Diabetes: Joe’s 3 Rules
  • Pathophysiology
    • What is Type 1 Diabetes?
    • What is Type 2 Diabetes?
  • Rationale For Treatment
  • Hypo & Hyperglycemia: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment
  • Insulin Dose Adjusting Made EASY:

  • Getting Started: How Do We Know How Much To Take? What’s The Right Dose?
  • Insulin Types
  • Insulin to Carbohydrate Ratios – how to calculate
  • Insulin Sensitivity Factors – how to calculate
  • Different Insulin Regimens explained
  • All About Insulin Pumps

  • All About Glucose Sensors

  • All About Blood Sugar Meters

    • Are some better than others

  • Eating & Diabetes
    • Meal Planning
    • Carb Counting
    • Nutrition Tips
    • Food & Balancing Family Life
    • Reading Food Labels
  • Exercise & Diabetes
    • The different effect of Aerobic vs. Anaerobic Exercise
    • Handling Sports, Coaches & Phys Ed
  • School & Diabetes
    • Making & Implementing a School Management Plan for Your Child
    • Effectively Working with Schools and School personnel to get what your child needs
  • Sick Day Rules
  • Child Life
    • Child Care, Play Dates, Sleep Overs, School Trips, Date Night for Parents
    • Managing Your Anxiety & Letting Go at the Same Time!
  • Leaving Home
    • Leaving Home & Traveling 
    • Being In a Relationship
    • 1st Year of College
    • Alcohol & Drugs
  • Current & Emerging Technologies
  • For Separated or Divorcing Parents:  Developing a Supportive, Working Plan
  • Spiritual Support – Finding It & Getting It


Types of Services Provided:

Online Family & Individual Counseling Sessions

1-on-1 diabetes self-management education, coping & counseling sessions with Joe! These sessions include diabetes management, family dynamics assessments and individual coping skills – making the connection between family coping and diabetes management.  They are meant to supplement whatever information and education you have received for your Diabetes Health Care Team. The focus here is determined by the assessments that we’ve made together and what it is that you’d like to get out of the sessions – they are unique and different for each person/family.

Click HERE to fill out & submit an info form that’s the first step to booking an appointment. After we receive the form we will get back to you and set up a meeting on Skype.


In Person Counseling Sessions
$250 / hour)

This is the same as the on-line sessions, except in person.  They can scheduled to coincide when Joe will be in your area OR anytime if you live in the Bay Area, California.

Click here to submit form & request an in-person appointment.  We’ll get back to you after we’ve had a chance to review your information to set up a session.


Live Webinars 
($29.99 to register)

Live, educational video seminars led by Joe. Webinar topics include:  Diabetes & The Family: Making It Work for Everyone, Effective parenting of the child with diabetes and his/her siblings, For Couples on intimacy, boundaries and sharing: When One of You Has It BUT Both of You Live With It – Whose Diabetes Is IT?, Dealing with School, managing Play Dates & Sleepovers – All focusing on making the connection between family functioning and diabetes management and integration.

Click here to go to the list of upcoming webinars and sign up.


Recorded Webinars
(STREAM: $19.99)

Missed a live webinar? Stream or download these recorded sessions:


Educational Videos
(Stream: $5-7.99 or download: $7.99-$11.99)

Based on Joe’s popular “Diabetes Chalk Talk” videos, learn how to use pumps, glucose meters, sensors and other essential equipment.  Understand how to make sense of test results on your own and make smart decisions regarding YOUR diabetes management.